Actively support the overall MBC Vision by implementing Core Values which promote all aspects of the MBC Vision.


  1. Be Biblically Based
  2. Be Strategic in Sharing the Gospel
  3. Be Good Stewards
  4. Be Intentional in Equipping Others

We are excited to send a Mission Team to Somotillo, Nicaragua in April! We will be collecting school supplies for this trip.  Please bring donations to the Connection Center on Sundays or bring to the church office during the week.

Backpacks (100)
Spiral bound 1 subject notebooks (200)
Composition notebooks (200)
Pencils (400)
Coloring crayons 24 count box (200)

White board markers 4 count multi-color (20)

Contact Rachel Cox for more information: rachelacox2614@gmail.com

Join us for a Spaghetti Lunch after Worship Gathering! Donations will be accepted to benefit the upcoming Somotillo, Nicaragua trip and Student missions.

Contact Jason Hall for more information: jhall@millbrook.cc

Our Easter Outreach 2020 will be focusing on reaching out, praying for, and inviting our 1-mile radius neighboring community to our Easter Weekend. Beginning March 8, in the Connection Center, we will have invite packets for houses corresponding to our 1-mile radius neighboring community. Each packet will contain maps with specific visitation routes, invite doorhangers. and follow up resources. We will also have extra invite packets if you would like to invite those that live in your own neighboring community.

Connect Group leaders and classes are encouraged to participate together by choosing a packet (or more) with a route, going door to door, inviting to our Easter Weekend: April 10-12, and praying for and with individuals on the route. Within each packet there will be a prayer request log/ follow up sheet for needs shared along the route.

Saturday, March 14 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM will be our emphasis day as a church to collectively pray, go, and invite. However, if you are unable to come on March 14, feel free to pick up packets and reach out anytime between March 8 – April 9.

Contact Rachel Cox for more information: rachelacox2614@gmail.com

Mission Trip Opportunity

JUNE 13-21, 2020

We will be taking a missions team to Rio Blanco, Nicaragua  to support Millbrook’s strategic partnership with Pablo and Claudia Garcia, who are church planters there. They were sent out by Bethel Baptist Church in Managua, Nicaragua (the capital city). We have helped them build a Missionary Center just outside of Rio Blanco near the river. Ladies work with school children and ladies in the community and have special sessions with the teachers and mothers on health needs, homemaking, and crafts. Men typically do construction work at the Missionary Center and local churches. We also have evening services at the Missionary Center. We can take 10-12 men and women and teenagers accompanied by a parent are welcome.



Planning Meeting:
April 26 • 4:00 PM (Rm 166)

Harry & Pam Harmon: hdharmon@bellsouth.net, pamharmon@bellsouth.net, or the church office


If you are interested in going on this trip, click below to register: