Worship is about honoring and pleasing God. At Millbrook our focus is to lead people in vertical worship that blesses God, with the understanding that worship is not about the worshippers (those who are worshipping), but about the Worshipee (the one who is being worshipped). However, we know that not all people express his or her worship in the same way. That is why we offer two Worship Services. Our first Worship Service meets at 9:00 AM in the Worship Center and uses the Millbrook Worship Choir and Orchestra, bringing timeless hymns and today’s newest music. Our second Worship Service meets at 11:10 AM in the Worship Center and uses cutting edge worship & hymns from artists such as Elevation Worship, Vertical Church Band, Passion, and many more.



  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus

    I Stand Amazed

    There Is A Way

    Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You

  • Rise and Sing
    Steve Fee

    Salvation is Here
    Hillsong Worship

    Grace that Won’t Let Go
    Gateway Worship


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