God comes to us. We resist His call. We rebelliously turn away and chart our own course. God intervenes in our waywardness and brings us face to face with Him in our brokenness. We don’t understand all of His ways. And yet it is from the depths of despair that God gives us the answers to our questions. He redeems us and restores us to His purposes. We marvel at His love, and even though we often do not understand all of His ways, He shows us His heart.

This is not just the story of Jonah. It is the story of us all. It is the message of a merciful God who pursues us with love while we are sinners. It is the story of God accomplishing His purposes in our lives. It is the good news of the gospel that Jesus fully obeys the call of the Father. He takes our sin upon himself and saves us. He is the God of second chances. He longs for the nations to know Him. And He graciously leads us to His heart so that we will be about His purposes.

Pastor Phillip will highlight some of the great questions that we ask in our quest to know God during this teaching series through Jonah.