We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ed Carney as our new Transitional Pastor at Millbrook Baptist Church! Dr. Carney will serve with us during our Worship Gatherings beginning Sunday, December 9.

Dr. Carney retired as Senior Pastor of Riverland Hills Baptist Church in Irmo after 26 years of service. During his tenure, Riverland Hills grew from a small community church located on St. Andrews Road to a larger campus on 62 acres near Harbison Boulevard. The church offered both contemporary and traditional worship styles, and membership grew to more than 4,000 members, with an average Sunday morning attendance of nearly 2,000.

Carney, a native of Cayce, earned an Associate Degree from Anderson University, a Bachelor of Arts from Mars Hill College, a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Before coming to Riverland Hills, he served Second Baptist Church of Manning, First Baptist Church of Andrews, Highland Park Baptist Church in Hanahan, and Ashley River Baptist Church in Charleston. He has been Chairman of the Executive Board of the SC Baptist Convention and a Chaplain in the US Naval Reserves. Dr. Carney’s community involvement includes his membership on the Palmetto Baptist Hospital Board (Prisma 2019) and completing a third term as a Trustee of Anderson University. He has served as President of the St. Andrews Rotary Club and was honored as a recipient of a Resolution of the House of Representatives of South Carolina.

Dr. Carney is certified as a Transitional Pastor, completing training from the South Carolina Baptist Convention Transitional Pastor Ministry.

Ed and his wife, Susan, have two daughters — Erin (husband, Jay) and Brett (husband, Kerry) — and five grandchildren. Susan is retired from School Counseling.

We will have a meet and greet time immediately following our Worship Gathering on Sunday, December 9, in the Connection Center as part of our celebration for this vital position that the Lord has filled for us.

Be sure to welcome Dr. Carney to Millbrook as we are excited to have him fill the role of being our Transitional Pastor as we move forward during our Pastor Search process!


This document shall serve as a covenant agreement between Millbrook Baptist Church and Dr. Ed Carney for the position of Transitional Pastor.
A. The role of the Transitional Pastor for Millbrook Baptist Church shall be primarily to provide temporary pastoral leadership and prepare Millbrook Baptist Church for the calling of a Senior Pastor.

B. The role of Transitional Pastor shall include the following responsibilities:
1. To fill the pulpit on Sundays in order to minister and preach the Word of God to the congregation; To join with the Worship Pastor and other staff to lead each of the Sunday morning worship services
2. To assist the staff, Church Council, and the church body in ways that facilitate unity and spiritual growth within the church
3. To meet as needed and as requested with the Church Council and/or Staff to pray, encourage, and advise them in matters of church leadership
4. To notify the Executive Pastor two weeks in advance of planned absences to facilitate filling the pulpit with a Staff Pastor or other guest speaker

A. The Calling of the Transitional Pastor
Dr. Ed Carney shall be called as Transitional Pastor upon the recommendation of the Church Council.

B. The Tenure of the Covenant Agreement
The call of Dr. Ed Carney as Transitional Pastor shall be for the period of one year from the date of December 9, 2018. This Covenant Agreement can be extended upon the recommendation of the Church Council.

C. The Ending of the Covenant Agreement
This covenant arrangement shall or can be ended in any of the following ways:
1. The arrival of the one-year tenure
2. The dismissal of the Transitional Pastor by a majority vote of the Church Council for immoral, illegal or any other behavior on the part of the Transitional Pastor that brings harm to the reputation of Christ or Millbrook Baptist Church
3. The call of a permanent Senior Pastor. A four-week notice shall be given to the Transitional Pastor in view of the call of the permanent pastor. Once a Senior Pastor is called by the church and has arrived on the field, the Transitional Pastor shall relinquish all pastoral responsibilities and duties to the newly called Senior Pastor.
4. The Transitional Pastor can end the relationship with a four-week notice. The notice of resignation shall be in writing and given to the Chairman of the Church Council.

D. Special Provision to the Covenant Agreement
It is specifically understood by the Church Council, the congregation of Millbrook Baptist Church, and the Transitional Pastor that he shall not be considered for the position of Senior Pastor of Millbrook Baptist Church.

Millbrook Members:

As we continue to move forward in our search to find a new Senior Pastor, the time has come to solicit nominations for the Senior Pastor Search Committee (PSC). The PSC is responsible to seek out and recommend to the church a minister of the gospel of the Baptist faith whose leadership abilities and Christian character qualify him to serve as Senior Pastor of Millbrook Baptist Church. The selection process, committee member qualifications and expectations and specific duties of the PSC are presented below.

Each member of MBC is requested to prayerfully consider the qualifications and expectations for PSC members. If you feel the Lord’s guidance in this matter, please acknowledge the expectations, then complete and return the form. If you have an individual you feel led to recommend, have him/ her acknowledge the expectations, then complete and return the form. Completed forms may be placed in the offering plate, turned in directly to the church office, or returned at the front Connection Center from November 11 to December 16.

We encourage you to be in much prayer during this transition period for MBC, the pastoral search process, and the person our Lord has chosen to be our new Senior Pastor. Please direct any questions about the nominations to me or your other deacon officers: Jim Schiele, Steve Corley, and Harry Harmon.

Yours in Christ,
Mike Mobley
MBC Deacon Chairman


Nomination Forms may be downloaded below or copies are available at the front Connection Center:


Section 4 of the MBC By-laws states that the election of the Senior Pastor shall be upon the unanimous recommendation of a seven-member Senior Pastor Search Committee (PSC).

Nominations for the PSC will be made by the congregation, and from these nominees the Deacons will select fourteen candidates from the list of those acknowledging and meeting the qualifications and expectations of the PSC. The congregation will then vote in January for seven individuals from the nominees presented who will form the PSC. The Committee will consist of seven members, of which no two can be related and at least two will be women and two active Deacons. The goal for the composition of this committee is to have a broad representation of the congregation.

The PSC will elect its own officers. All PSC nominees not elected will become alternates and may serve on the Prayer Team for the PSC during the search process. After the election, should a PSC vacancy occur, the alternate representing that group on the committee will be expected to fill that vacancy.

The specific duty of the PSC will be to seek out and recommend to the church a minister of the gospel of the Baptist faith whose leadership abilities and Christian character qualify him to serve as Senior Pastor of MBC. The PSC will keep the congregation advised of progress, through the Deacons and Church Council, without revealing confidential information. All expenses incurred by this committee will be paid by the church.


The Senior Pastor Search Committee (PSC) is confronted with the most difficult task related to the future of Millbrook Baptist Church. A PSC nominee should understand and agree that he/she will be committed to serve in accordance with a list of qualifications and expectations, as defined by the Deacons and communicated to the congregation.

Nominees should meet the following qualifications:

Be an example of Christ-like living
Has been faithful to and through the church
Has respect among the congregation
Is open and honest but willing to keep confidences when appropriate
Has been a MBC member for at least two years prior to the date of election
Has demonstrated a regular giving pattern over the last two years
Has attended a Connect Group regularly over the last two years
May not be on the MBC called staff nor a member of his or her immediate family

Each individual who accepts a nomination for the PSC is expected to:

Pray daily for the Lord’s leadership and guidance in finding the person He has chosen for MBC
Be expectant that the Lord will uniquely and unquestionably work to reveal His will as to whom should be selected as our Senior Pastor
Be willing to yield to the total will of the Lord putting aside his/her own desire and realize that the choice of a new Senior Pastor must be directed toward the whole church membership
Sacrifice other time, as required, to perform individual tasks required to support the search process
Spend at least 2 hours per week, and probably more, meeting as a group during the anticipated 1 to 1½ year search process. This may include a study course for team building and spiritual preparation
Be willing for an extended time to spend as much as 2 weekends per month traveling to other churches, visiting and listening to candidates; Overnight visits and air travel may be required


We will be committing to pray as a church family during our transition time for direction as we seek the Lord in forming a Pastor Search Prayer Team and Pastor Search Team.

We will be reading through and studying the book: Praying the Lord’s Prayer, by J.I. Packer during two prayer times at the church. If you are not able to join us at the church on these specific day and times, set aside time during your week, download the prayer guide and pray.

For more details and information visit:

6:00 – 7:15 PM • The Mill

9:45 – 11:00 AM • Room 166

Downloadable Prayer Guides will be available each week that will coincide with the weekly chapter readings:







CHAPTERS 11 – 12

CHAPTERS 13 – 14

CHAPTERS 15 – 16