Please fill out to begin the process for a Communications Plan for your upcoming event or project:

Once your media request is submitted, we will send a follow up email pertaining to your submitted form. From there, a Communications Plan will be created and include a timeline for all artwork and printed/ digital promotional items needed for the event or project. Communication channels will vary according to the type of event or project and the audience being reached. If needed, a follow up meeting will be set to discuss further details of the event or project. Depending on current working projects, graphic designs may take at least a week and receiving a completed Communications Plan may be 1-2 weeks. Earlier submission of media requests are helpful to be able to accommodate current working projects in addition to new projects: Please plan accordingly.

All text should be proofed for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, dates, times, locations, etc.  Thanks!


For EXACT reprints of previously created projects, please send an email to Include the following in the email: Project Title • Quantity Needed • Date Needed By

Our Communications Team will follow up within 48 hours of receiving your submission Monday through Thursday, 8:00 - 4:00 PM. Follow up for requests submitted Friday through Sunday will occur no later than the following Monday.

For questions, please contact Katherine Granillo, Communications Director: or 803-648-4167 ext 302. Thank you!


Please include all necessary details of the event or project:

Final Target Date: (Date to begin event promotion or when do you need this project completed by; Please note: We will do our best to reach this target date and project completion is subject to current working projects)
Event/ Project Name:
Ministry Area: (Ex. Children, Students, Discipleship, Worship)
Purpose of event/ project: (Ex: Why should people participate? How does the event/project fit with the church’s mission?)
Event Date:
Start & End Times:
Description: (Ex: What will you be doing? When people sign up, what should they expect at your event?)
Call to Action Details: (Ex: How will people let you know they are coming? What costs are involved? What is your RSVP or sign-up process? Do you need a form?)
Preferred Meeting Time, M-Th 8:00 - 4:00 PM if needed to discuss further details per Communication Director: (Please list 3 options)