There has been a growing interest on fasting in the modern church as a spiritual discipline for good reason. The value of learning how to fast and doing so for the right motivations can be a pathway to spiritual renewal in the life of every Christian. Fasting allows us to feast on the presence of God in a life-changing way. We abstain so that we can obtain. We long for Christ to be magnified in our lives. We experience the power of His presence as we humbly present ourselves before God.

Fasting is one of the spiritual disciplines that helps us catch the wind of God’s Spirit as He moves in our lives. Learn how to experience the power of prayer and fasting as you set your heart on Christ.

Pastor Phillip writes a biblical and practical guide for helping Christians understand what fasting is and how to get started.

This practical guide contains space for notes and questions for personal reflection. It will be a great encouragement to your devotional life as you engage God through prayer and fasting.



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