Our Connect groups meet on Sundays from 10:15 – 11:00 AM.

Millbrook Baptist Church Small Groups (Sunday School Connection Groups) is well equipped to serve you. Whether you prefer lecture, discussions, questions and answers, or activities you’re sure to find a class that fits your preference and needs. Sunday School teachers at Millbrook have years and years of experience in teaching, ministering, serving and just plain loving. While the teacher’s formal Biblical education ranges from Masters of Theological Studies to no formal education, every teacher is fully equipped with God’s Word and God’s message each Sunday for their particular, unique group of people. Ministry is a huge priority to the Sunday School classes. Most classes have a particular ministry they’re involved in as a class like Christ Central, Spanish Mission, ACTS, Whittlers, Aiken Pregnancy Care Center, World Changers, and many more; not to mention the ministry individuals do for fellow class members and prospects, like shut-in visits, cards, meals, etc.

So whatever your age, whatever you’re looking for, whatever you’ve been waiting for, the time is right for you to jump in. With a large church like Millbrook, you need a small group of believers ready to support you in prayer, Bible Study, social gatherings, and most of all fellowship and LOVE. Feel free to visit various classes until you find the class God has just for you. Use this booklet to help you see the range of classes, ages, and teaching styles we have for you. To locate a class just ask a Greeter. They’ll be happy to escort you!



The Adult Bible Study Groups cover a myriad of class makeup combinations such as gender specific, age specific, co-ed, etc. Each group offers Bible truths led by teachers dedicated to explaining and applying the Word of God in all situations of life. Each group offers opportunities for ministry and fellowship beyond the Sunday School hour. The following list contains each Adult Sunday School Group, their current curriculum, class forum, and ministry involvement. Please feel free to visit various groups to find your place of study and ministry.


6th Grade – 12th grade: the mill
Breakfast is served at 10:00 AM each week.

The Student Ministry studies relevant material that helps our students learn to rely and trust God for these changing times in their lives. Our teachers desperately love Jesus Christ and feel called by Him to work with teenagers. You will always feel more than welcome.


5k – 5th grade: education building 1st floor

The Children’s Ministry offers graded Bible study classes for children in grades one through five. These classes are taught by Godly men and women who love children and love the Lord. Through Lifeway’s graded curriculum, our children are taught age-specific Bible lessons that help them apply God’s Word in everyday living. Our children learn in an environment that is relational, interactive and fun. Our goal is to enable the children to fall in love with God and His Word and to encourage them to seek Him with all their hearts.

nursery/ PRESCHOOL

Birth – 4k: Central Park

The Preschool ministry provides closely graded classes for birth through 4K. Each child who attends is provided with Christian education and care from trained leaders in a clean, safe and monitored environment. The curriculum used is Bible-based, activity focused and age appropriate. They are encouraged to learn through play and interaction. Preschoolers actively explore Bible truths in a way that they can be processed and understood.

The Preschool ministry meets in the Nursery/Preschool area “Central Park” just behind our Worship Center. There’s a main desk check-in. Children are taken to their rooms and parents take a beeper for notification in case of emergency. All classrooms are monitored continually. You can be sure each child is safe and well cared for.